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Our mission is to craft vibrant and unique beers that reflect the vibrant and unique community we call home. We honor the brewing traditions of regions near and far while providing a fresh perspective using new and unique ingredients to create memorable beers. We continually strive to craft the best beer possible, because that's what you deserve.

Current Tap List



Bright citrus and floral German hop character balanced by a crackery malt sweetness and a slight acidity. Fermented with a Rhenish yeast from Omega Yeast Labs at lower temperatures add a crisp, dry finish.

Style: Rhenish Pale Ale  ABV: 4.8%  IBU: 30  Glass: Willi Becher

Food: Anything with sauerkraut, almonds, mild cheeses


Friendly Debate

Dank hops, tropical fruit, tangerine and pine notes burst in this IPA, the color of liquid sunshine. Light bodied with a moderate bitterness that lingers a bit longer than winter daylight and finishes with a citrusy sweetness.

Style: Blonde IPA  ABV: 5.9%  IBU: 60  Glass: Willi Becher

Food: Winter Squash, Venison stew, Hard Cheddar


Grüss Gott

Light bodied Bavarian wheat beer with notes of anise, clove, and banana from the unique yeast strain complemented by a herbal, spicy German noble hop aroma.

Style: Bavarian Hefeweizen  ABV: 5.3%  IBU: 18  Glass: Weiss Glass

Food: Sausage, Pretzel, Soft Cheese, Sauerbraten


Heated Debate

Tropical fruits, citrus, fresh cut grass, and a whiff of dill take center stage in this American 2IPA. Fermented with the house Rhenish yeast adds a subtle fruity ester. The addition of dextrose smooths out the body which is complemented by a moderate bitterness making this 2IPA deceptively drinkable.

Style: 2IPA  ABV: 8.1%  IBU: 80  Glass: Chalice

Food: Pretzel, El Pastor tacos, chocolate, cheddar


Hopfen Dampf

A light, fruity Bavarian farmhouse with Callista and Opal hops lending notes of gooseberry and citrus, while elevated fermentation temperatures - a process made famous by Anchor - amplify the pear, apple, and anise flavors and aromas from the Bavarian Hefe yeast.

Style: Bavarian Farmhouse  ABV: 5.3%  IBU: 30  Glass: Weiss Glass

Food: German Chocolate cake, Gruyere cheese, Suckling pig

Lille Bjorn.JPG

Lille Bjorn

The little bear, a soft, slightly tart table beer, is a brilliant straw color with gin-like hints from the addition of fresh juniper berries and orange peel. Generous amounts of wheat male add a refreshing sweetness complemented by white wine flavors from the Hallertau Blanc hops and honey from the unique yeast strain.  

Style: Norwegian Style Table Beer with Juniper Berries & Orange Peel

ABV: 4.7%  IBU: 18  Glass: Tulip

Food: Soft cheeses, Mussels, Crawfish, Braised Lamb



The French word meaning 'prayer', this beer is a nod to the table beers brewed in Belgian monasteries and typically reserved for the monks. A light, crisp maltiness balanced with a slightly floral, peppery noble hop character and a touch of honey and almond from an addition of Vienna malt. The strain of Belgian yeast adds subtle phenolics and esters creating a light and refreshing balanced brew with a dry finish.

Style: Belgian Single  ABV: 5.5%  IBU: 35  Glass: Tulip

Food: Mussels, Frites, Steak Tartar


Ryed of the Valkyries

A spicy, pumpernickel bread flavor from the addition of three types of malted rye complemented by a floral & slight cucumber hop aroma. Single hopped with Pekko, creates a clean but assertive bitterness.

Style: Dark Rye Lager  ABV: 5.2%  IBU: 33  Glass: Willi Becher

Food: Goat Cheese, Charcuterie, Tacos


Spirited Debate

Peach, papaya, tangerine and fresh cut grass notes abound in this German American IPA. Fermented with the house Rhenish yeast adds a subtle fruity ester. Medium bodied with a moderate bitterness complemented by a crackery maltiness finished with more notes of citrus and tropical fruit.

Style: German American IPA  ABV: 6.3%  IBU: 65Glass: Willi Becher

Food: Yes


Stor Bjørn

A big bear of IPA with the color of a Norwegian sunrise as well as the flavors and aromas of spice, mango, citrus, & dank hops. A unique strain of yeast fermented at high temperature adds a note of honey balanced by a moderate bitterness and subtle malt sweetness.

Style: Norwegian Farmhouse IPA  ABV: 7.3%  IBU: 75  Glass: Tulip

Food: Stinky cheese, Oxtail, Cioppino, Roast Duck


Three Linden

Named after Hendrik Verlinden, who created the style, this beer has honey and cracker malt flavors that play alongside flowery and fruity hop characteristics. Effervescent and light in color and body, but can be quite the bruiser.

Style: Belgian Tripel  ABV: 8.7%  IBU: 20  Glass: Chalice

Food: Mussels, Frites, Oxtail



The German word meaning 'gathering place' this straw colored, sessionable Rhenish ale is crisp and refreshing with a pleasing effervescence and spicy noble hop aroma.  

Style: You can call it a Kölsch  ABV: 4.6%  IBU: 28  Glass: Willi Becher

Food: Ramen, Mild cheeses, pretzel