Community Supported Brewery Program

CSB 2.jpg

Just as farmers offer fresh produce through a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, Gathering Place Brewing Company has launched a Community Supported Brewery (CSB) program to provide members with incredibly fresh beer through a monthly growler allotment.

How does the CSB program work?

  • Choose from four membership options
  • Visit the brewery each month to fill your growler with a beer of your choice
  • If you miss a month, you can get your allotment the following month
  • Limited number of memberships

What are the benefits of the CSB program?

  • Get the freshest beer possible directly from the source
  • Save money: the per-growler cost with the CSB is less than the retail price of a growler
  • 10% off all purchases, including beer in the tasting room, tours, and merchandise
  • First access to purchase limited edition and special release beers
  • First access to tickets for special events such as beer dinners and festivals


This is awesome, when does it start? Thanks for the enthusiasm! The CSB program will start when the brewery opens, which should be late July of 2017. As a thank you for being patient, all initial CSB members will get an additional growler for free. Buy a 6-growler option and you'll be walking out with 7! Buy a 12-growler option and you'll be sipping on 13! Well, you get the idea.

How do I get my growler filled? Stop by our tasting room during normal business hours, peruse what's on tap, and select a tasty beverage. You'll need to show your ID since members must be at least 21 years old. The CSB member is the only person who can get the growler filled, unless arrangements are made prior to pick up. 

Tell me more about saving money. Glad you asked! Without a CSB membership, growlers will cost $12.50 for standard and low-ABV beers and up to $17 for higher-alcohol and more rare beers. Depending on the CSB option, a growler fill costs between $10.42 and $11.67. Since memberships last several months, the CSB can save you a considerable amount.

How long will a growler stay fresh? A refrigerated, unopened growler will be fresh for up to two weeks. Once opened, we recommend drinking it within a day or so. 

Can I purchase a CSB membership as a gift for someone else? Absolutely! CSB memberships make great gifts. In the checkout section you'll have the option to select a gift membership and give the name of the person who will receive the membership. The buyer and recipient must both be at least 21 years old. 

What if I miss a month? We understand that people are busy. If you can't make it to the brewery to fill your growler one month, you can get your allotment the following month.

Do I have to purchase the growler container? Nope, we got you covered. Each CSB membership includes one Gathering Place Brewing Co. 64-oz glass growler. Bring the growler in each month to fill it with the beer of your choice.

What if I lose or break my growler? This is why we can't have nice things! Just kidding, you can purchase a new Gathering Place Brewing Co. growler for $2.50. If you have a different growler laying around, we'll be happy to fill that.

I have an option with two growlers per month, do I get two glass growlers? The membership includes one 64-oz glass growler. We want to encourage you to visit the brewery more than once a month so you can get the most current and fresh beers available. If you want to fill two growlers at once, you are welcome to purchase another Gathering Place Brewing Co. growler for $2.50 or you can bring in a second growler with you. 

Do current CSB members get first shot at renewing their memberships? Sure do. The CSB program has a limited number of memberships and current members will have a chance to renew before we open the program to others.