A Stronger Community, One Pint at a Time

gathering place pre-groundbreaking-1054.jpg

Community engagement is in our name and the fabric of our business. We strive to make GPBC a cornerstone of the community and want people to see our business as a place to gather. 

We seek to be active partners in the Milwaukee community by contributing time and resources to charitable causes in the city. We believe that the community should grow and prosper as GPBC grows and prospers.  

To accomplish this, GPBC will donate at least 1% of sales each quarter to local non-profit organizations. We will actively promote our partnership with these organizations through social media and in our tap room, and will encourage our community partners to do the same. We recognize that startup businesses face considerable financial challenges. However, we strive to integrate our brewery with our community and feel that donating at least 1% of sales firmly establishes our commitment.