The Great Milwaukee Brewery Bike Race

GMBBR Event Banner - 1.png

Join us for the first Great Milwaukee Brewery Bike Race! There is no marked course - just get from one brewery to the other and back as fast (or slow) as you can.* Race for time or ride for fun.

How it works:

  • Choose Team Bay View (start/finish at Enlightened Brewing) or Team Riverwest (start/finish at Gathering Place Brewing)

  • Drink a beer at Brewery A, ride to Brewery B for a beer, ride back to Brewery A for a beer and finish

  • Prizes awarded to the fastest 3 finishers on each team.

The team with the overall fastest time will win a sweet trophy to be displayed the winning brewery for the coming year.

Cost: $15 in advance; $20 race day registration

What you get: 3 beers + a nice ride + pride

*Riders must obey all traffic laws and consume alcohol responsibly.

Who are you riding for?